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Young people are worst hit by homelessness, why do they receive little help?

  Being young and homeless is one of the most difficult hardships to overcome. Having been homeless at 17-years-old, the social stigma was worsened by the fact the local authority at the time did very little to help me because of my age and the fact I was intentionally homeless. It is evident that not […]

Photo by Birmingham Central Mosque

A witch-hunt against Muslims; the truth behind Councillor Afzal’s comments on anti-terror laws

A story in the Birmingham Mail of the comments made by the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque and Labour councillor Muhammad Afzal condemning anti-terror laws had garnered quite a bit of attention, for all the wrong reasons. The story had been plagiarised by The Telegraph (I’m keeping a close eye on you Lexi Finnigan) and completely misconstrued […]

The jungle in Calais; why are migrants in want of a secure life ignored?

    Since the camp’s inception there has been an ongoing debate about whether camp-dwellers in Calais, France, were refugees or economic migrants, suggesting one warrants more sympathy than the other.I travelled from Birmingham to visit the camp with the Stand Up to Racism delegation and spoke to a few of the settlers to get an insight into why […]